Monday, October 27, 2014

In Pursuit of Greatness: Music Edition: Part 3

I spent most of today listening to Taylor Swift's new album "1989". Listening to her music got me thinking about her image and the media's attitude toward successful and famous people. One minute the media and your fans love you the next they're criticizing you on your life choices. I wont be a hypocrite and pretend I haven't bought into or come about some of my own opinions on celebrities (including Taylor) but at the end of the day I don't know her nor do most of her fans or the media.  You guys must be wondering where I'm going with this. Criticism is what I'm getting too.

Taylor seems to be the kind of gal who's learned how to deal with the backlash she's faced with. I admire that she does it with humor and keeps true to who she is. It's so easy to get lost in other people's opinions of what you do or don't do well. She uses all the negativity to fuel and create kick ass songs! You may not be a fan of her voice or her dance moves, but if there is one thing she can do better than most people is speak her mind and turn it into a hit! Part of being great doesn't mean you have to be strong or deal with things graciously but I admire that (in my opinion) Taylor does.

  • Stay true to who you are.
  • Criticism and haters come with being a musician or whoever you want to be.
  • If you can deal with criticism with grace and/or humor, you'll be okay.

    When all else fails just "shake, shake, shake" lol

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Anonymous said...

What you wrote has so much truth Tatiana in todays world the media and people can be quick to judge. It's good to know how to keep your self together when being so exposed to the media. People forget that celeberties are just everyday people.I agree that you don't really know them personally only by the music they write or even roles that they may play in the movies. I wish Taylor the best.