Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Love is A Losing Game

I haven't posted something up in a good couple of weeks. Today I bring you something a little different. If you read my nifty little blog banner it says, " th:creative (the blog of nyc creative(artist, designer, singer, songwriter)"...what the what Singer? Songwriter? Yes family I sing. Here is the latest video post. I hope you really do enjoy it, like any other piece of art I put out there I hope you take it as kindly and as openly as you have the works from my hands. 

Lots of Love,


This is my cover of Amy Winehouse: Love is A Losing Game 

When I found out Amy Winehouse had died I was at work. My co-worker brought it up in conversation and I had no idea. When I heard the news my heart sunk. I thought she was getting her act together and like Whitney, I was rooting for her. I wasn't the super psycho fan but I loved her music and her voice and I would over play her "Back to Black" album over and over again. I think it's sad the world will never get to hear what she could've done. That's always what will stick with me every time I play the same songs over and over again I will think. What if.
 R.I.P Amy your voice and talent will be missed. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Hey Everyone,

I know I've been a blog no show for almost 2 weeks now. This job thing is really frustrating. I thought I could do it on my own but I really have grown to like some of  the structure of being in a work place. I find myself tired, slacking , and unmotivated at home. Even when I think about what is important. I'm coming to the end of the line in funds and I'm tired of being locked up at home with no other people to interact with, it gets lonely. I like meeting new people everyday and having work friendships and a constant flow of income to go out if I please(not that my retail job provided that in abundance, but I new there was a pay check coming) I'm set out to getting a summer job to start saving up, hopefully with better pay and a hint of sanity.

Peace & Blessings,