Monday, May 3, 2010

School Work

School, School and more school this is what I stayed up till 4 plus in the morning working on yesterday :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why I Love: P!nk!

Dysfunctional much? Maybe.... But P!nk kicks some serious ass when it comes to not caring what people think about her... Her music is real and raw to the bone especially in her album Fun House you can feel the emotion wrapped around every lyric sung all coming from her life's experience.
I've been a fan of hers since jr high her music gave me a sense of strength it's ok to be kind of crazy as long as your ok with it, lol.

Not only is her music great but her attitude is. She's a total bad ass and doesnt have to be like every barbie doll "pretty" in Hollywood she rocks short hair and edgy style and an attitude that I admire. 
Who gives a crap about what everyone else has to say. Her Fun House albums has cradled me through a tough breakup or two and  the song "So What"  has taught me to take the situation with stride lol Funny right?  It's sarcasm but it works. Make fun of it until you really just don't care about the situation anymore. Maybe that's a little sad but she's a bit of an antidote for me to get over and just not care this life's the only life you're given so live it to the fullest .

P!nk Qoutes

"It's about being alive and feisty and not sitting down and shutting up even though people would like you to." - Pink

" People are always so surprised when they meet me. Firstly, that I'm 'so tiny', and secondly that I'm 'so sweet'. They seem surprised that they're not scared of me. The aggressive side of me comes across in my music, but I'm just a sweet girl."

"Have you ever looked fear in the face and said I just don't care"

Friday, April 16, 2010


wash my eyes and you might see
into the deepest depths of me
I've tried but failed to make you see
that you became a part of me
and every day that your away
my heart burrows deep inside of me
I've prayed and prayed that you would see
what you're missing without me
The selfish prayer I once held tight 
I've since let go and changed my heart
but still I pray for you to see
I pray my heart would set you free

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Story of my life

Angel Taylor: Not Even Human

There are few songs that are spot with my situations life story and all of that this is one of them