Thursday, November 28, 2013

November Hearts :)

Hello Everybody !!!

It's 1ish am after Thanksgiving, it was GREAT! I ate delicious food and spent time with the family. There was absolutely no arguing, it really was a perfect Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for the day!

Getting down to bloggness. Lately I've been suuuuper motivated to learn as much as I can about blogging and html coding. Along with the learning I've been getting really inspired to put "more" into my blog. I want to start doing a monthly favs: things I liked for/about the month under any category: holiday's, books, movies, makeup, even the weather. 

Without further delay. Let's jump into favorites!! 

I've been wearing this color all year round since last Fall and let me say I loooove it. Fall Lipstick colors!!! Yay!!!!

This is one book I would love to see as a movie. It's like Walking Alice in Hunger of Oz Land. I can't put into words how good this book is. The plot is that America is overtaken by a lab made disease that mutates people into these animal things. The main character, a young woman named Delaney has to go into "Feral Zone" to find her father a man who is a "Fetch" for a living. Lane (Delaney) finds herself on this journey through the Feral Land looking for her father Mack.  The ending had me in tears and my jaw dropping. I had no idea it was going to be a part of a series but there it is. I HIGHLY recommend this book. Let me know if you read and what you thought/think about it.

3.Central Park in the fall 

Any fall foliage really. The bright inspiring colors the smell of the tree's when the leaves dry up and a chilly wind is in the air. I find it comforting. 

Fall clothes and boots. These were the first pair of boots I bought this fall. I'll admit they aren't lasting very long and are visibly taking a beating since I wear them everyday but, they are an easy inexpensive way to pull together an outfit especially if you're careful about your shoes..I like em' but I think I need to invest in something hard core.  Any suggestions like this one but better quality?(I believe I got these boots for less in store so if you like them the link is above.) 

 My really close friends know when the weather outside get's chilly my go to treat is a hot apple cider! Recently, I was far away from any of my usual cider spots so I stopped by Starbucks looking for a substitute aaaaand I found a hit. I really like the "Caramel Apple Spice," it's like a smooth apple cider maybe even a little creamy. It doesn't have that apple cider "bite" but it's love in my mouth haha.

( side note/link image was used from this blog and I recommend the article sight for you designers out there :) )

Okay, those were the first five fav's. I hope you liked them and I would love to hear from all of you who went through them all. Happy Holidays!!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

To College or Not to College: The FIT Edition

       It seemed to happen all at once. Last week, the same week I landed an internship was the same week I got my letter of congratulations from The Fashion Institute of Technology. I came home to the envelope sitting on my bed. I was accepted into their Advertising and Marketing Communications program. I am proud. This is my first real college application and I got it. A few months back I'd compulsively applied to the school with the idea that more education or this education would make a difference. (If you don't already know I've been to college before. I got my Associates Degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of New York and let's just say the education there is not worth the price tag.) There is something about being out of school for a while and not working a "dream job" that made me feel desperate. You get it into your mind that you need a piece of paper to have a great career and to succeed. A lot of American dreams are built on that mindset, even in the midst of a recession.

       There was a bit of a struggle when it came to the FIT application process so I kind of resigned. I gave up after submitting money, an application, transcripts and an essay. It should be a crime to have to pay all that money to maybe have your application considered. To my surprise everything did kind of work out. By the time I did get my letter (last week) I was left with such a short deadline to think about what I'd be signing up for, to file fin-aide, hold my seat etc.

       After the high wears off, there's wisdom. Just yesterday I was feeling the pressure of all these commitments and decisions I've made. I was anxious to the point of insomnia. So finally I had a talk with mom. Things to know about my mother she wants me and my sister to come to good decisions on our own so she asks a lot of the right questions and she get's you to ask your own. She asked me to look at what I'd be getting out of the experience. Would the education I get there be worth the price tag? I realize since I've already landed an internship (which if you look aren't to difficult to find.) All other things aside tuition, books, supplies: Real world experience based on what I've learned trumps hypothetical experience. Real world experience has found me work. Final decision made...College isn't for me. Re-realization it's about who you know and what you can do.Your future is not always determined by a $30,000 piece of paper.

I have an education plan. Not a college education plan. So for those of you on the fence just know there are other ways to get educated. The path doesn't always look like school spirit, frat parties and cramming for tests.