Friday, November 6, 2015

Pretty Tough: What I wore on Halloween

I made yet another trip to Buffalo Exchange in NYC about a week ago and found this lovely romper for $16! To make it weather appropriate I paired it with leggings my Doc Marten Triumph 1914 boots and a long sleeve shirt underneath  Pretty yet tough. It sure doesn't have the typical Fall feel or color pallet but it's me and I love it.

The last minute costume: I paired my floral romper with a wand, combat boots and hat which turned out to be a lovely witchy look. I wouldn't mind the hat in an every day look.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Spring Rainbow in New York City

 ::: Before Holi Colors Were tossed:::

As I get older I realize how rich in culture and life New York is filled with and how much I've yet to take in.

  :::After Holi Colors :::
Last week me and my best friend went to Holi Hai in NYC. If you don't know; Holi is a Hindu observation and festival welcoming in the Spring! People celebrate the melting away of winter by throwing colored powder and water at each other and generally come together in good cheer.

Though I may not fully grasp the religious or even cultural elements fully; I did get and understand and experience the coming together of people of all races, genders and backgrounds. We're all different skin colors and we may lead different lives yet we're all the same. We're even more the same covered in rainbow powder. It was beautiful and fun.

Smiling and laughing with strangers can be a rare thing in the city but when we do come together it's beautiful and soooo necessary with all that goes on in the world.

Do you have any Spring traditions? What are your favorite events in your city?

To Learn More about Holi NYC and to check out past events click the link:

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Thrifting in NJ

Two weeks ago I spent a beautiful day hanging out in NJ. My friend took me to one of his favorite thrift shops. There were so many goodies and designer names basically for a steal. I ended up leaving with two things. The first was this cute lace bomber jacket from voxx new york which I figured I could dress up and down as I please  although it does lean more toward the casual side.


The funniest thing I found was an awesome 3 dollar find. The Darth Vader ring pictured below. Haha I thought it was too funny to leave behind. Anyone seen it before? Do you know where it's from? 


Below are some random things I found interesting on our journey.

In total I believe I spent less than 20 dollars :) I'm a happy girl. I have more thrift finds that I'd love to share on the blog. Let me know what you think 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Crazy Love & Faith

It's been a pretty busy week and, a bit emotionally hectic for the past two weeks. I'm grateful that it's finally starting to feel like Spring after what feels like the longest winter ever here in New York. I'm finding it more and more necessary to hold onto my faith. It can be hard when I feel like I'm not getting what I want or where I need to be in life. It feels like all these road blocks keep popping up that stop me in my tracks to freedom... I know I can't accept resignation, but sometimes it really seems easier to accept where I am, being as far as I'll go...I've been feeling a little emotional the past two days and I've been in need of spiritual guidance. It's difficult when I feel like I'm going through life alone.

I finished reading Francis Chan's book; "Crazy Love". It felt like a motivational speech on being a "doer" for God as opposed to someone with just ideas or instead of being another Christian who just sits in the church pews agreeing with a message I don't walk. Since reading Crazy Love and reading my Bible more I've been filled with so many ideas but I'm also met with hesitation in follow through.  I'm being inspired creatively even at work. I highly recommend this to anyone who has ever been at church and wondered if being a Christian is supposed to mean more than church on Sunday.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Humans

Good afternoon Lovelies!

Today I bring you my "review" or gushing about a book called "The Humans by Matt Haig". What would you do if you were an alien sent to Earth from another planet? A planet of perfection and logic. No emotion. Your mission on Earth is to rid the planet of crucial mathematical advancement. Would you have the ability to kill? To cheat and to lie? If you were sent here to stop the humans from hurting themselves and others could you do it ?

 This book is a light but necessary read. The alien character in this story captures so beautifully what it means to be human in a dark and seemingly messed up world. He finds beauty in the things we take for granted (peanut butter sandwiches). For him it's all new. The alien comes from a planet where he's been taught to live by logic only and math. The planet which he comes from there is no hurt, or greed, or selfishness only perfection. He was taught that here on Earth is the exact opposite to them we're brutal barbarians with no conscience.

What is perfection really? What is logic? Does something being "logical" always make it right? There are many questions in this book that the alien goes through and learns for himself the point of being human. I  don't want to spoil the story I rate the book 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads. This book is a beautiful reflection of what a gift out lives are. A reminder of everything Good that we are as humans.

 (Had to add this cover as well. So beautiful.)

PS-I've found myself pausing and reflecting at certain point in story. Spoiler alert: The alien delves into poetry at one point and he loves Emily Dickson! I love it!

PSS- If you're a fan of qoutables this book has many.

"Do not fall for categories. Everyone is everything. Every ingredient inside a star is in you"