Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Love is A Losing Game

I haven't posted something up in a good couple of weeks. Today I bring you something a little different. If you read my nifty little blog banner it says, " th:creative (the blog of nyc creative(artist, designer, singer, songwriter)"...what the what Singer? Songwriter? Yes family I sing. Here is the latest video post. I hope you really do enjoy it, like any other piece of art I put out there I hope you take it as kindly and as openly as you have the works from my hands. 

Lots of Love,


This is my cover of Amy Winehouse: Love is A Losing Game 

When I found out Amy Winehouse had died I was at work. My co-worker brought it up in conversation and I had no idea. When I heard the news my heart sunk. I thought she was getting her act together and like Whitney, I was rooting for her. I wasn't the super psycho fan but I loved her music and her voice and I would over play her "Back to Black" album over and over again. I think it's sad the world will never get to hear what she could've done. That's always what will stick with me every time I play the same songs over and over again I will think. What if.
 R.I.P Amy your voice and talent will be missed. 

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