Saturday, October 25, 2014

In Pursuit of Greatness: Music Edition: Part 2


They key to success is CONSISTENCY. Last night I took to the internet in search of the musical journey's of some musicians that I most admire. I want to know how they did it, especially, without a record label. That brought me to delving deep into the life of singer/song-writer Kina Grannis. If you're a Youtube addict as I used to be or can be, you've probably heard, seen or have been a fan of Kina Grannis since her humble Youtube beginnings. 

      Kina started Youtube as a way to share her music with her family and friends in order to get votes for a Super bowl songwriting contest. The prize for the winner would be a recording contract. Kina made an agreement with herself that she would post a video everyday until the Super Bowl contest was over. If you don't remember at the time musicians on youtube were just figuring out that this was a perfect way to market and share their passion. Most people didn't have the intention of fame and fortune but it did find quite a few people.

In Your Arms - Kina Grannis (Official Music Video) Stop Motion Animation

       Long story short, Kina won the Superbowl contest and the recording contract. When she finally met with the label she wasn't satisfied with the direction they wanted to take her so she parted ways. Miss Grannis DID find something through her consistency in posting videos. She gained a community of fans. There was this giant group of people who started following her and the rest is history. If you don't know where she is now google her. She's been on world tours and has recorded her second Major album. If you haven't seen her live...please do it's an experience you wont regret.

To end this post and to keep myself accountable. I want to set my goals. I AM a musician and this is the road I want to follow.

1. I will post a video AT LEAST once a week.
2. I will write a blog or do a vlog post at least 3 times a week.
3. I will write at least 4 pages worth of lyrics/music a day....No exceptions....It doesn't have to be good (got this tip from John Mayer) 

This is how I will stay accountable. In the words of Yoda. "Do or Do not there is no try."

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