Monday, May 14, 2012

Taking The Plunge

Hello you fantastic blog reader! 

Guess what I did today? I opened my Etsy shop...aaaaah. I know I had mixed emotions on doing this but, I thought why not just take the chance and see what happens as I go.  Lately I've been trying too hard to strategize and research to make sure "I do it right." I realized at 3 in the morning that I just need to make moves. I thought "heck let me just put something in motion," this way at least I can take that weight off my chest and say that I DID and I TRIED. So far I’ve got 3 items listed and I don't really have one direction, but as of right now jewelry and paper goods are what I will be offering. I hope someone out there can appreciate the work I put into making these and have the attachment that I have to them when they get them in the mail. Thank you guys for following and for the encouraging feedback.


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Mama Sadie Bell said...

I LOVE those! I am going to have to wait to check out your shop...otherwise I am going to spend a ton of money!

TSH said...

:D Haha Thank you. So happy to hear the positive feedback. I'll be hauling out some more so whenever you're ready they will be there