Friday, May 4, 2012

Life Updates

ummmm coffee beans

I've had at least 3 emotional break downs trying to figure out what to do with my life. What am I going to do now? I in no way, shape, or form want to be working in crappy retail ever again. I was thinking if I have to, maybe a nice little coffee shop where I can get high off the scent of coffee beans.

I've been getting productive while out of work but I have this constant weight in my chest that I have to "get the ball rolling" and make money come in so I can continue my life without that fear. I've applied places but have received nothing as of yet and I know that as of now I wouldn't be ready since my design portfolio is back at square one.

A few days ago I went out to play hen for a friend while he and a partner painted a coffee shop in the east village. That was fun and I got free food out of it too and if you don't know I LOVE to Eat.

I'm stressed right now because I'm trying to figure out how to open my own online store and honestly, doing the math has never been my favorite thing to do. 

This afternoon I spent sometime away from technology keeping my mind on me, and the environment with a camera to explore images of what I could use for inspiration later.
I found this blog on finding your muse. The writer Alisa Burke totally inspired me to disconnect from today's modern sources of "inspiration" and entertainment to strip back to the basics. 

Here a few of my favorite pics from today's walk 


 "Dew Drops"

    "I don't know what to call this but it was pretty"

Ok well that's all for this little update thanks for reading

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