Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Strategy ?

So as some of you may know or not know. I got really excited and motivated on the idea of opening my own shop and starting my own business. Boy let me tell you that passion is still there but, I have to seriously reassess and reconsider how I do this. I've got a look down and the passion but, after doing a lot of research and  more research I've realized I don't really have  \one really strong bread winning  product. I have many products and projects but nothing to sustain me financially. If I'm going to be working from home I have to be able to pay the bills.

I love making crafts and jewelry among many things...but is that what my business wants to be about? I've had trouble pegging a consistent product. (I would still like to offer the items I've made to anyone who'd like to purchase them so I'll post a special blog post so we can work something out)

I've been living and breathing marketing research lately and have found I need a stronger product,
and maybe even a stronger message... When I left my part-time retail job I started a blog "NOPLANB," the purpose was to document my life unemployed in New York (if you go back in my posts you can locate those stories, I merged that blog into this one)

I backed away because I was marketing myself all over the place and had more than one brand of "me" that I was trying to sell. I think I can do all that on this blog. I can share me as well as my art, music and my career journey.

I hope you're well and feeling encouraged in whatever your endeavor. If you're trying to figure out your entrepreneurial self right now and trying to kick start your business I recommend clicking here. This is just a little something that got me motivated to start thinking a bit more strategically. If the video helps  pay it forward share it with like minded people.

Peace <3



Paula - Buenos Aires said...

If you are thinking on a rebalance of your life and business, there are some women out there that will give you some (free) structure to work on.
If you are focusing on you and what you want to do: Leonie Dawson. {she might sound a bit on the hippy side but is a strong business woman}.
If you want for some creative pep talk, the "gooooo for it" kind: Danielle LaPorte.
If you are starting an entrepreneurial business, there is nobody better than: Christine Kane. {she gives clear, practival advice}
Best wishes on your new adventure.

TSH said...

Thank you for the encouragement ! I am familiar with Danielle LaPorte. I think she was one of the first people I discovered online when I was looking into starting my own business. I agree she got me revved up and ready to tackle anything. Free Free Free I love Free! thank you again. I'm checking out you're recommendations right after I type this. :)