Monday, April 16, 2012


All this morning I spent time setting up and promoting NoPlanB_NYC , after I was worn out of that I got to crafting a bunch of poly earrings and necklaces which are almost ready to go out(I’m going to have my sister take them for a quality test run). I think I’m freaking out way too early in the process of leaving my job because as I sit here trying to make something successful overnight(Which doesn’t happen) I’m realizing none of this will be easy without a steady flow of income. My motivation is good but I need my net and I need to figure out what it is I’m going to do about it moving forward.

I saw this video with song writer David Foster sometime last week before I quit my job something he said has been stuck in my head along with the realization of how vital money is to life: “Save your money. If you make a dollar call it 50 cents because the other half belongs to the government”
True, True, True…


If you follow my other blog ThoughtBubble I had a list of 10 things I wanted to do in 2012. These are totally attainable things that I just haven’t targeted all my energy towards. I think this piece of advice is very important I hear it every from every one. Even the Bible makes this clear
“If you have a vision, write it down.” Write down your goals and make them a focus, it’s easiest to do them one at a time (so I’ve heard)

10 things to accomplish in 2012 (from my other blog)

1.Sponsor a Child
2.Become a Volunteer
3.Get a better paying job
4.Get better at guitar
5 Write songs for an album
6.Record an album
7.Open a savings account
8.Walk for Breast Cancer
9.Be in a play
10. Figure out what to do about Education (back to school?)

#10 For realzies, getting back to school and finishing my degree is so plastered in my mind right now it’s making me sick. Get it done while I’m young. I’m thinking Queens College since the school also has music programs. This time I'll do it right working retail has not only made me miss it but has made me want to over excel at it.

Ok I think I’m done for the night I have to head off to bed now. I’ve got to go face my final days tomorrow. Peace


Sound off: In what ways are you investing into your future?


moow said...

As I sit in my barracks room in fort hood, tx. I can't stop thinking about your decision. Pretty brave! I will be fallowing your blog. Really curious about the erratic pattern of life you chosen. Don't give up. Don't be afraid to ask for help either! Good luck today! Take day by day!

TSH said...

I don't see it as brave maybe a bit bold, but thank you for the boost in confidence :) Let me know if there is anything you'dlike me to write about it