Monday, February 17, 2014

Hair,Work,Life and Stickers


Helloooo Everybody!

           As you know before Christmas I made the big chop on my hair: above is a pic of the "do" on Valentines Day. One of my original intentions with this blog was to share my unemployment journey. Well, I'm employed, I've been employed since 2012 possibly the end of 2011. When I was unemployed I think I spent about 6 months unemployed mostly because I was being lazy but I did make money hustling school books and art on amazon and ebay. When I finally did fid official working 2012 it was mostly contract work.

        Today I currently hold 3 jobs, 1 retail gig at a book store that I enjoy so much more than the one I quit (West Elm) and I'm an official (paid) arts and crafts instructor AND I'm a Publishing Operations Assistant :) Ironically at one job I work literally across the street from the job I escaped.

      I've been working on my illustration skills. I often post little ACEO pieces on instagram. I'm working on a series of cheap stickers I was hoping for some input or advice on what kind of stickers would you guys buy (ex. fan art, dr.who, original cuteness etc. The reason for this is I want to make some money to go to Costa Rica in the Summer to see one ofmy best friends any way I can make money I'm on it. Any who, I'm going to try to stay consistent with weekly posts.  


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