Friday, September 20, 2013

Halloween Art: Life update

It really has been forever. How are you? Let's get a cup of coffee some time :) Haha.

Hello Everyone! I'm back and so much has happened since I last checked in with you I now have 2 jobs! I work at a childrens book store and I'm an art teacher. Neither of these jobs are getting me out of my parents apartment so I'm back to freelancing and hustlin!!! Anyway, recently something happened to me personally that made me very sad. So I decided instead of being depressed about it and doing nothing. I'd be a little upset about it but channel the energy into making art. It's way better to be creating something and be useful to myself than sleep my days away in sorrow. So first thing's first. I will be selling ORIGINAL ART PRINTS, for the Halloween season and I'm really excited about the result so far..They will be up on society6 soon. I have to add some finishing touches and test the colors printed. Let's create happiness together!

PS-Blog could be getting a makeover too! Whaaaaaaat!

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