Monday, December 26, 2011

Urban Decay: NAKED Palette:Real vs Fake

I hope you all had a great Christmas! I know I did :) This Christmas I received The Urban Decay:Naked Palette from my wonderful mom. I opened it and was happy but having played with the palette before I found it to be a little suspicious. I was missing the primer potion which was advertised on the seller pic and the package was a simple little box. I was a little scarred to let my mother know that she purchased a fake but I did $50 is a lot of money to stay shut about a fake. So just to be sure of my suspicions I took to some research on the internet I found this video

Lucky for us the return was easy plus I got to keep the fake and  mom got a full refund.

(Real on top fake on bottom)

 Things I noticed off the bat:Real vs. Fake
-The packaging of the fake decay palette comes in a small copper gold box, and the picture of the  make up on the back it a little out of focus.
-The fake palette is really light weight compared to the real naked palette
-The texture of the box is not as smooth as the real palette 
-The gold letters look like they are cracked a bit ready to peel off on the fake version 
-On the back of the fake box instead of a sticker there is gold lettering right on the box.  
-The real naked palette color is has more of a red brown tone to it the fake not so much its dark 

(Real on top fake on bottom) 

Comparing Shadows
-Real UD Shadow is much smoother in texture the fake comes off a bit chalky (I got the chance to try the fake before I got my real palette the colors did not last. I hardly noticed I put on shadow in a couple hours)
-Real UD Shadows are much more vibrant compared to the fake especially when compared 
side by side.
-Color pay off on the real is MUCH better way more pigmented than the fake

(Real UD Palettes have a serial number on the side)

Quality of the Brush
-The fake brush is very light weight it feels almost hollow, especially when compared to the real which it a bit weighty
-The color of the fake has a pinkish color tone to it. While the real has a gunmetal looking color 
-The quality of the bristles the real is a lot softer to the touch and sturdy
-From what I have looked up I now know that the "Urban Decay" written on the side of the fake brush scratches of easily and/or rubs off

This is my comparison so far of the imitation palette vs the real Urban Decay Naked Palette. I hope it can help some of you out there who may have been duped. Never be afraid to speak up especially when you are not getting your moneys worth.


Karen said...

I received a fake UD Naked palette from my boyfriend as well! I didn't want to tell him since I knew he looked hard to figure out what I wanted but that was a lot of money to drop on a counterfeit item . . . I actually found this blog trying to see if anybody else got tricked.

The brush that came with my fake fell apart after the first use. You can seriously just pop off the the top of the brush from the bottom. Plus, you can scratch off the lettering from the brush.


TSH said...

Yeah I know how you feel that is a lot of money though. I told my mother because I knew she wasn't to familiar with it. I didn't want her to feel bad but 50 dollars for a fake? I think you should let him know he didn't get what he paid for. One of the eye shadows popped out of mine lol -_- and there really is a difference in quality the quality of the shadow. I'm happy this helped I wrote this because I only found that one video on the real vs fake I hoped it would help someone :)

TSH said...

Oh hey another thing where did he purchase it? My mom got mine from Amazon and since the seller is trying to keep a good name it was no trouble at all returning it plus there is a policy against fraud on sites like that. She didn't say it was counterfeit though she said it wasn't what she expected and that it looked used.

Karen said...

Hello! I'm sorry for the delay in response -- I totally forgot to check to see if you had responded :B

I told my boyfriend about it and he was able to get his money back. The company he said to have bought it from was Zogo Warehouse . . or something? The company told him that they got their items from a different vendor, and they were the folks who sent him the fakes :x

I'm not sure what my boyfriend told them! hahaha, I'm pretty sure it wasn't nice though. I hope your holidays were great

TSH said...

It's ok it happens on blogger haha My holiday was great! I hope yours went well too! I'm glad he got his money back with no trouble. It really is sad the way something like that could be sold for the price of the original smh lol Did he end up getting you the real thing?

Karen said...

No! Hahaha. Honestly, the colors on the darker end of the fake palette are pretty similar to the originals (in terms of color, not quality unfortunately . . .) so I don't mind the false palette to much. I don't mind carrying it around with me like with my other palettes since I don't really care if it breaks :P.

RonaqZubair said...

i just ordered one off ebay..i hope its not fake :'(

TSH said...

@RonaqZubair don't worry about it. As an online seller amazon does set up guidelines to protect the consumer. I am sure they have a similar policy on ebay . Did you receive it yet ?

pea pod said...

I just ordered one too I hope it's not fake��