Friday, October 7, 2011

Long time No Post

Catching up is long overdue :)
So I have been away growing. I did a youtube video explaining this so I will post below. I did a little web disappearance trying to figure out how music and all this social media fit into my life. I hope the video fills you in a little I have more to say and pictures to post in this adventure.

The beautiful supportive girls that became like family from The Total Singer Support Get on Stage and Sing 10 Week Class

So after The Bitter End (which I also designed the event posters and flyers to (wink wink)) I performed backup at an event "Called Stairway to the Dream" I was a back up singer along with Hema Nair to the headlining act. The graceful Japanese singerRainybirds(Ryoko Fujimoto). It was so much fun! I got to shake my stuff and had a great opportunity to just learn, grow and network. I met the fastest drummer in the world Jotan Afanador who plays for many amazing artists like bachata group Aventura and Romeo and more. He was great with stories for days and just an overall good person to be around.

What's next? If you didn't know I am a part of a music community here in NYC called the MXM. November 27 we are performing at the Sheraton Hotel in Flushing Queens. This is a big deal for us guys this is our first seriously big event.
For me it's seriously a mess of firsts.
The first time I will be performing more than 1 song live as a solo artist.
The first time I play my guitar live
The first time I will sing any originals live

I would love if you all could join me on this journey. It's a bit surreal I'm practicing my songs till my fingers turn purple. I'm investing in my craft with vocal lessons defiantly going to take on that piano when I can. It's teaching me to go after the things that I want. Not only musically but in my design career I'm going hard no matter what I'm going to make it as something. I don't care what plans fail I'll just make more until one of them wins..

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Hema Nair
Listen to the storm amazing song you havent heard it till you've heard it with a live band

Jotan Afanador

Okay Guys this is the update I'm sure I've missed many things. But this will do till I post again hahaha hopefully it will be soon

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