Tuesday, December 23, 2008


My faith flows through my veins,
No matter what mistakes I've made
there is no doubt that can change the fact
that I was made by an ever loving,
ever forgiving,
ever faithful God,
It never matters how many times I've strayed and messed up,
It's at the cross my hearts made
it's resting place
No matter who tells me different
I see truth in The Way,
I see the Truth every day,
And I'd rather live this
than live the way of the world
where there is no peace
and I am condemned because
I look like this way and talk like that
I found my place
I found my grace
And it all flows through my ever faithful veins

1 comment:

Abbas Razzaghpanah said...

Cool, now that'll keep my spirit up for sometime! Thanks for the poem.